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PRJKT INTERNAL ELEMENTS was born in stress and under bomb attaks…
All start us a part of life…
Intuition, Love, Healing, Rescue by crew Lucy Nychai, Karina Sofit, Olexandra
Pavlovska, and Paulshpil.
«We an artists who are together in the art residence in Ukraine through the
war. We have become a little different and ready to talk about it.»



The project began as an experimental digital art program. Together we studied and mastered new opportunities for implementation. Learned to create NFT collections and virtual galleries. We created Twitter accounts and got acquainted with the CryptoArt Ukraine community. We have internally displaced persons and residents of the NVAIR emergency program, who are going through war together in an art residence in Ukraine. Several months ago we met again to create a new world together, a new shelter, and at the same time a new project.


The reaction to premonitions, fear, and any changes are different, but we create art in any situation. It unites us and gives us the strength to live life in difficulties. We have become a little different and ready to talk about it.


“Now I live in the same shelter with artists and IDPs in Western Ukraine. Everyone had a history before the war, but now we are living a new life together with our families.

The whole world around becomes more cruel, fragile, and uncertain. But we decided to resist hatred and destruction, support others and share kindness. It is psychologically difficult for everyone to realize that dear people are in danger, but we hold on, “like a locker, a dog and a cat.” We will share what we are strong in. Intuition, love, healing, and consequent self-confidence, trust, and unity.”

Lucy Nychai, program curator and artist

The project currently has 4 authors and 4 series of digital works. While the war continues, the collection will be replenished with new authors and works.


INTUITION. Lucy Nychai’s works are audio-visual compositions that began to appear in anticipation of war. Disturbing visions in the form of frightened birds – inhabitants of different parts of the world continuation the project “Fluidity”, which began in connection with the pandemic. The project started as self-therapy. Today it continues as a reflection on the local and global habitat during the war.


LOVE. Karina Sofit’s animations are illustrations of the life of our new large family, who are forced to live together. Here she uses her journalistic experience and artistic practice to document life here and now. In her works, anxiety and hope, and most importantly boundless love.


HEALING. Photos by Alexandra Pavlovska appeared a few years ago in response to an inner challenge, self-compassion, “Self-hugging”. Now Oleksandra is a certified consultant in non-traditional art therapy and sensory vision, she teaches people to resolve internal conflicts. Prepared to continue the project with forced residents “Save-Hugging”.


RESCUE. A series of video collages by Paulspil is born under the influence of the tension of constant anxiety for family and friends. The official reassurance for the country is the voice of the presidential adviser. All around is talk of protection – protective masks, bomb shelters and sirens, instructions in case of a chemical attack. For us, the usual means of protection in proportion to the growing number of ways to harm humanity – ourselves.

Welcome to the VR exhibition here

The collection will be filled with new authors and works



Nazar Voitovich Art Residence is an art educational center with studios, recreation rooms, and an exhibition hall, located in the village of Travneve, Zbarazh district, Ternopil region.

The art residency is a continuation of the “Heroes’ Awards” project and operates in accordance with the Agreement between the NGO “Congress of Cultural Figures” and the NGO “Family of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred”. Art Residency is a non-profit organization.

Art Residence works for the interests of young talented artists (living and creating works of art with curatorial support) and for the benefit of the local community (communication with foreign artists, educational and cultural programs) and is a new international art center.



Start in 2017


ARTIST IS ABSENT – This is an international program of virtual residencies for digital artists.

It takes place in cooperation between art residences NVAIR (Ukraine), Schafhof (Germany), KAIR (Slovakia) 

Initiated by the NGO Congress of Cultural Activists within the framework of the Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (NVAIR)

Team of mentors: Lucy Nychai and Vartan Markarian

The AIA program is the birthplace of new ideas and meanings for international dialogue through art. We focus on common issues and topics for dialogues about the digital art ecosystem.

Start in 2020


This is a forced art residency program for Ukrainian artists who remain in the country during the Ukrainian-Russian war. The program started with an experiment and will continue to be a program to expand the collection on the ecological blockchain TEZOS. In this way, we expand the opportunities for artists to present and implement their work in the international ecosystem of the NFT.


Start 25 February 2022

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Lucy Nychai

Multidisciplinary artist, curator of art projects, board member of CryptoArt Ukraine

Olexandra Pavlovska

Artist and consultant in non-traditional art therapy and sensory vision

Karina Sofit

Multidisciplinary artist, photographer, sound director


Video artist, film director, and founder of The Feelm Production

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