Karina Sofit

Artist and documentary filmmaker. Engaged in digital painting and installation. In her creativity to investigates gender issues, problems of human self-identification and social problems.

Love. First point.

Illustration, animation, gif 1536 × 2048px/ 1,8Mb

Love. Animations by Karina Sofit are illustrations of the life of our new large family, who are forced to live together. Here she uses her journalistic experience and artistic practice to document life here and now. In her works, anxiety and hope, and most importantly boundless love.

Part of collection “Internal elements”. 2022, Ukraine
Intuition, Love, Healing, Rescue by crew Lucy Nychai, Karina Sofit, Olexandra Pavlovska, and Paulshpil
The time here is. We have become a little different and ready to talk about it.
We are artists who are going through the war together in an art residence in Ukraine.
It’s been 23 days since we met again to create a new world together, a new shelter, and at the same time a new project.
The reaction to premonitions, fear, and any change is different, we create art in any situation. It unites us and gives us the strength to live life in difficulties.

Love. The longest vacation

illustration, animation, gif 2048 × 1536/ 958 KB

Why are we here? – asked me today, my three-year-old daughter, sitting on a mattress. But really….
I remembered a French cartoon, for 10 episodes “The Longest Vacation”. It is about how the children went to the village to their grandparents and stayed there for several years, because the Second World War began. Their father went to the front, and their mother could not leave the sanatorium at the other end of France. For children, life was in full swing: new friends, domestic problems, troubles at school, disappointments, first friendships, hunger, burying jewelry, the arrival of the Germans, murders and violence. This is a real story based on the diaries and stories of the characters, which impressed me a lot. Then I thought that this would never happen again. It’s just not possible
9 day of the war

Love. Hello from a safe past.

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Today a military man came and brought candy from humanitarian aid. And when he left, we with the girl who raises the Labrador dog with my child – laughed like crazy. Not understanding why, but children are not allowed sweets, and this means that they are ours. There is “mamba”. “Kinder”, jelly worms, everything is like in childhood and the laughter was like in childhood, as if these sweets are hello from a safe past where there is a lot of love and warmth, and everything is just beginning.
11 day war

Love. Drops.

illustration, animation, gif 1536 × 2048/ 1 MB

I was taken to the hospital with my child.
What is a hospital during the war? This is the absence of light in the evening and water in the morning. The most unpleasant thing is the endless sirens… Yesterday a maternity hospital in Mariupol was bombed, today kindergartens and hospitals in Frankivsk and Lutsk were bombed. Imagine my condition .. why be afraid under a dropper? .. so that the building and all my ideas and plans for the future do not collapse.
Two girls came, they are from Nikolaev and Kherson, they live in neighboring wards, with the same tiny children, they brought us cookies and juices from humanitarian aid. Nice. They stand and cry.
16 day of war

Love. Windows.

illustration, animation, gif 1536 × 2048/ 1 MB

I went through various states from depressive under endless sirens lasting a day, to a euphoric state “soon” and felt that many of my dreams were lost…
20 day war

Love. Forests.

illustration, animation, gif 1536 × 2048/ 3,2 MB

We live with a family from the Zhytomyr region. When it “started” there, a man from this family went to cut firewood. The first day .. The second .. The third .. Finally he started talking. I saw what was happening to him, and I understood what he meant by these actions. Most of his family members decided to stay at home
25 day war

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