Olexandra Pavlovska

I work with photographs as with an instrument to examine my own fears. The core theme of my researches is the fear of loneliness, loneliness in a crowd, loneliness in relationships, in a family, in my own body. The world has degenerated because of the instruments of communications, which lead to the disappearance of sincerity and empathy, as people spend less and less time for the exchange of energies, but more and more – for messages. I make photographs of people and start communicating with them with an obvious effort. My work consistently leads me where I least expect, and I usually serve as a psychotrainer or psychoanalyst. I like it, as this encourages me, as well as my models, overcome the fear of contact with strangers. In my portraits, I feel the power of connection with a model and their gratitude for the communication. My projects are visual aids on the overcoming the fear of loneliness in the modern digital world.

Healing. Save Hugging

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We are far from home, where we are loved and awaited. Here, too, we are cared for by local people, but we are here – a reminder of the war. We are in a new house, and we are waiting for each other, and we love each other. Here we are all mothers for all and a big new family. Here hugs are compensation for all losses. Hugs to save. March 2022. War in Ukraine.

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